In January 2013, Intrinsys, then a leading Dassault Systèmes Value solutions partner in the UK, extended its operations, opening an Intrinsys branch in South Africa. Primarily serving the Automotive, Aerospace and Marine engineering sectors, the South African Branch grew rapidly. Its unique approach of offering leading Dassault systems PLM solutions and fully accredited training, alongside expert Engineering and Data conversion services, soon saw it become the leading Dassault Systèmes Value Solutions Partner in South Africa. Based on this early success, Dassault offered Intrinsys South Africa the opportunity to expand its offerings to other selected Sub-Saharan African countries.
In 2017 Intrinsys UK and RSA were acquired by the PLM division of Addnode group and were merged with other PLM solutions providers within the group to become TECHNIA, Dassault’s leading PLM solutions partner with over 20 global operations.
In 2020 Gary Longshaw, who had managed the RSA operations since the inception of Intrinsys in RSA carried out a Management buyout of the Technia RSA operations, and so Intratech was formed. With the same base of operations, the same team, and the same extensive skills and approach to client service, fostered through the Intrinsys and Technia brands that preceded it, Intratech continues to build on the strong foundations of its heritage and remains a leading Dassault Systèmes Value solutions partner servicing the Southern African Markets.
Intratech currently serves over 100 clients in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Mauritius, across a wide variety of industry sectors and Engineering disciplines.