Simulation software for better machining

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DSC_2257The introduction of simulation software is helping Daliff Precision Engineering (Pty) Ltd, a Western Cape-based SMME active in the aerospace and defence market, to up its game.

Daliff is the recipient of a Technical Assistance Package from the Technology Implementation Localisation Unit (TLIU). The TLIU is a Department of Science and Technology initiative hosted by the CSIR.

Daliff produces complex machined components. Through this assistance package, the company has started using Vericut in its manufacturing environment for all its components.  The software is used to verify, simulate and optimise computer numerical control (CNC) machining.

Vericut captureDaliff and the TLIU partnered with local Vericut supplier TDM Solutions. TDM Solutions worked with Daliff to configure each machine in Vericut and to train Daliff’s programmers in the use of Vericut.

Christiaan van Schalkwyk, Managing Director of Daliff, has identified several areas where simulation through Vericut has streamlined company operations.

“As we now work with a 3D model of the part, we no longer need to produce test pieces as part of our design process. This cuts out proving, which can be a costly and time-consuming exercise,” he comments. “By using the exact measurement of the fixture and the machine, the programming office runs a simulation off line and makes corrections as needed.”

DSC_2353The process of manual proving is becoming a thing of the past as is tool breakage, the bane of all machine manufacturers,. ”This is good for the confidence of our machine operators,” Van Schalkwyk confirms.

Additional benefits are the reduced set-up time and the elimination of machine clashes.

Van Schalkwyk has documented the positive outcomes of using Vericut. “We have optimised our operations from set-up to output. Extended tool life and faster cycles have boosted our productivity by 20% with associated savings.”

The use of Vericut has also enable Daliff to extend its market offerings by embarking on more complicated design manufacturing.

While these improvements are welcomed by Daliff’s management and staff, the rational for the investment by the TLIU in this company relates to a bigger goal. Ashley Bhugwandin, who managing the TLIU, explains, “Our goals is to implement technology interventions to enhance the competitiveness and capability of suppliers to the state owned companies.”

Van Schalkwyk confirms that these and other opportunities beckon for Daliff, “Investing in new technology is vital for us to compete and grow. We are well positioned to ramp up our operations and acquire more machines to support the needs of a variety of clients.”

“The environment in which we operate requires us to keep our manufacturing competitive by continuous improvement and keeping the cost of our parts down.”


TDM Solutions has over 20 years’ experience in CNC manufacturing within the aerospace and automotive industries.

The article was written by:Biffy Van Rooyen, CSIR Strategic Communication. Website Link…

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