TASA Gauteng Event – September 2013

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IMAG0020On the 26th September 2013, the Toolmakers Association of South Africa (TASA) held its second event in the Kempton Park area. The aim of TASA Gauteng is to promote the tooling and high precision machining industry to its members as well as to other sectors of the market.

The event was attended by companies and individuals connected with the tooling industry, these included tool makers, material suppliers, machine suppliers and support service providers.

TDM Solutions sponsored the event with TASA Gauteng. TDM Solutions believes that South Africa has the capacity to produce tooling locally, where as currently over 90% of tooling is purchased abroad. It has been estimated that nearly R1 billion of tooling is purchased for the local market each year, this includes tooling for sectors such as automotive, marine, packaging & consumer products.

IMAG0021Keynote speaker Mr. Henk Snyman (secretary of TASA Gauteng) informed the attendee’s of the issues preventing the growth of the local tooling industry and shared a road map to the way forward. Key issues facing the tooling industry where:

  • Lack of skills (average age of a toolmaker is 55 years old).
  • Quality, cost and delivery.
  • Lack of production planning.
  • Recapitalisation.

Mr. Snyman addressed how TASA was addressing each of these issues; to summarise TASA in conjunction with the National Tooling Initiative Programme have over 165 trained artisans coming into the job market as of early 2014.

TASA has developed a shopfloor visual management system to improve the product planning. This is being rolled out through the company Think Tank Engineers. Gantec’s Tool & Die (Mr. Jarrad Barnes) gave feedback on their implementation of the shopfloor visual management system, and that it had improve many aspects of the business, and more importantly the workforce had been empowered to understand the importance of quality, cost and delivery.

Mr. Snyman also identified various government initiatives that may assist a company to recapitalize, these included MCEP.

IMAG0023TDM Solutions demonstrated ZW3D 2013 and Vericut prior to and after the event. ZW3D being an affordable CAD/CAM system, with the functionality to import any CAD data, to design tooling and to produce the CNC machining programmes. Vericut enables the verification, simulation and optimisation of the CNC programmes.

Combined these products will enable tool makers to bring their products quicker to the market, and to maximise the company profits.

TDM Solutions wishes to thank everyone that attended and for TASA Gauteng giving the opportunity for TDM Solutions to inform that there is a viable and cost effective alternative to the whats currently being offered on the market today.






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