What our customers say

Vericut is a great product, and once you use it you wonder how you managed before….

Here’s a selection of comments that our customers  have said about Vericut…….


“VERICUT is one of the most powerful and under utilised tools available today.”
Gary Wills, Director of Mfg., D&H Manufacturing Company


“Vericut OptiPath, works like a charm and also cuts like a charm…”               Christiaan van Schalkwyk, Managing Director, Daliff Precision


“VERICUT is an important part of our manufacturing process. Everything we program goes through VERICUT for verification before it goes to the shop. We’ve been able to completely eliminate manual prove-outs. Considering the savings in proofing time, proofing materials, scheduling time, and machine time – we’re saving at least one million dollars a year as a result.”
Hector Davis, Director of Manufacturing, ADI

“OptiPath is an indispensable tool for us. We routinely save a tremendous amount of machining time after optimising our feed rates — usually around 50%. The last job we ran was a rear quarter trim panel that would normally take more than 48 hours to machine. With OptiPath, it took under 26 hours.”
Cas Szczepanski, CNC Department Supervisor, Chrysler Jeep & Truck Engineering


“Before investing in VERICUT a new propeller part would take about a week on the machine. We’d run the machine at around 10% and watch carefully to be sure there were no incorrect moves. With VERICUT we can see the piece and how it will be cut, a big benefit in 5-axis machining. After running it through VERICUT we just load and go and it’s off the machine in a day. It also offers high-end part measurement tools and the ability to simulate the entire machine which helps us avoid problems like over travel or interferences with the table or fixtures.”
Greg Thayer, Programmer, Cimtech/Ellstrom Manufacturing

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