Vericut Testimonials

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PentaxiaPentaxia CG Tech Vericut Software in Action

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Simulation software for better machining.

Christiaan Van Schalkwyk has documented the positive outcomes of using Vericut. “We have optimised our operations from set-up to output. Extended tool life and faster cycles have boosted our productivity by 20% with associated savings.”

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The Simulation SAFETY NET

KaleAero explains how CGTech’s Vericut simulation software provides a ‘safety net’ to help its programmers avoid the pitfalls of machine tool collisions.

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Smarter Machining Squeezes More Productivity And Profits From The Shop Floor

Reko selected VERICUT® software from CGTech (Irvine, California). VERICUT simulates the NC machining process to detect errors and correct areas of inefficiency in NC toolpaths.

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