Vericut free optimisation trial

Everyone loves free stuff…

  • freeWho would not like to reduce up to 50% of their CNC cycle time???
  • Who would not want to increase their tool life???
  • Who would not like to improve the quality of surface finish of their parts???
  • Who would not like unexpected surprises when machining???

So at TDM Solutions we are so confident that you will purchase Vericut Opti-Path once you see it in action, we are offering a free service to anyone who wants to drastically reduce that CNC milling operations.

Contact TDM Solutions today for arrange for a free, no obligations trial of Vericut Opti-Path..

To learn about how optimisation works click here…

optipathWhat we will need from you..

  • Proven milling CNC programme.
  • List of tooling used.
  • Size of Stock / Billet used.
  • Position of programme zero or work offset.
  • CNC machine & model description.


The picture shows a real clients part that was optimised with Vericut and gave a 51% cycle time reduction, with a annual saving of just under R6,000.000, not bad for 30 minutes work with Vericut.

Obviously TDM Solutions are a business and not a charity, so there are some terms & conditions, these being the following:

  • Only one free optimisation per client.
  • For trial purposes only 3 axis milling operations will be optimised. (although Vericut Opti-Path can optimise any kind of milling operation.)
  • Optimised files supplied to TDM Solutions are assumed to be proven NC code that has been already run on the actual machine, with feed rate over ride set to 100%.



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