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Vericut 8.0 Release Notes.

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Vericut 8.0 quick reference guide

On this page you will find the links to the latest release of Vericut.

Please note your company must be on a valid maintenance contract for these links to work.

The latest version of Vericut is 8.0.

To download this release please click this link.

To download the file, you will need your Company ID and the following access code: 813262

Starting the Installation:

After downloading the zipped installer, unzip it to a temporary folder. The zip file is password protected with ‘air-cuts’ (do not include the single quotes when entering the password ‘’).

Once the files are unzipped, double-click on install.exe to begin the installation.

Please note that standard windows unzip will not work, we recommend 7 zip.

At the end of the installation be sure to check-out the list of configuration tasks that may need to be done to complete the installation, depending on your site and CGTech products.


If your company is currently using VERICUT, we have your license server computer’s information. If you are current on maintenance a VERICUT 8.0 license will be automatically emailed to the software contact at your company.

Please note: The VERICUT 8.0 license must be designated for virtual machine use in order to work on a virtual machine license server. If you are not using a virtual machine license server you can ignore this notice. Visit for more information.

If you do not receive a VERICUT 8.0 license:

1.   Go to:
2.   Select the desired option.
At the Host ID field, click “What is a Host ID?” to learn how to determine the Host ID for your VERICUT license server computer.

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