Pro/Engineer to Vericut Interface

Seamlessly integrate VERICUT with Pro/ENGINEER & PTC Creo software for increased efficiency

The VERICUT software embedded with every Pro/Engineer NC seat verifies 2-axis turning, and 3 & 5-axis milling paths using Pro/E’s APT CL tool path. It also provides gouge and excess material comparison with the design model. VERICUT receives Pro/E model, tool and path information from a simple interface included with Pro/Engineer.

Move up to the full version of VERICUT and get the benefits of simulating from post-processed G-codes, with complete collision checking on your simulated CNC machine, workpiece, fixtures and tools. The interface to full VERICUT is also enhanced to transfer Pro/E NC setups for complex milling, drilling and multi-spindle mill-turn machining configurations.



Using the full version of VERICUT and the enhanced interface increases the value of NC program simulation with:

•    Fast and accurate collision checking between machine components and part setup.
•    G-code program syntax, logic and format checking.
•    Simulation of complex machines, setups and machining configurations.
•    Optimization of cutting feeds and speeds based on cut-by-cut tool engagement.

The Pro/E to Vericut interface is available directly from TDM Solutions.



Download the Pro/E to Vericut brochure here.

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