Catia V5 to Vericut Interface

Seamlessly integrate VERICUT with CATIA V5 software for increased efficiency.Following the successful VERICUT interface for CATIA V4, the CATIA V5-to-VERICUT Interface provides a smooth upgrade path for CATIA users who have transitioned to CATIA V5.

The CATIA V5-to-VERICUT Interface tightly integrates the two programs to help you create the most accurate and efficient NC programs possible! It makes verifying and optimizing NC programs and simulating CNC machines a much easier and more efficient process.

You can verify individual operations, a series of operations, or a set of complete NC programs. All stock, fixture, and design geometry is automatically transferred to VERICUT in the correct orientation, along with NC program, tooling, machine and control data and other simulation parameters.

VERICUT runs independently of the CATIA process, so you can continue working in CATIA version 5 while simulating and optimizing your NC programs. With VERICUT as your simulation package, you can also verify and optimize NC programs from other CAM systems in CL or post-processed G-code format.






CATV® Interface (CATIA V4) The CATV module is a fully integrated CATIA to VERICUT interface that provides you with an improved way to work with CATIA and VERICUT. Using CATV, you start and work with VERICUT from inside CATIA. Once both programs are running, it’s simple to toggle between the two—enabling you to more quickly create and verify an NC program.

CATV transfers CATIA geometry to VERICUT for stock, fixture, and design models. CATV also converts CATIA line and arc elements (two-dimensional tool profiles) into VERICUT cutter, shank, and holder tool definitions. Based on the CATIA coordinate systems, translations and rotations are automatically calculated. With CATV there is no need for expensive third-party stereolithography (STL) converters. It provides the option to output STL data directly from CATIA for rapid prototyping. Unlike converters which can only output STL data from solids geometry, CATV has the ability to output additional CATIA geometry such as faces, skins, surfaces, and volumes as STL data.

The CATIA V5-to-VERICUT interface is available directly from TDM Solutions.


Download the Catia V5 to Vericut brochure here.

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