Vericut rewards programme

Supply a qualified lead to TDM Solutions and earn 10% of the net sale.

Simply complete the qualified lead form to the right of this paragraph and submit; we will confirm within 24 hours (based on normal working hours) receipt of lead. Once the sale is closed you will receive 10% of the net sale. Its as easy as that!!

What is a qualified lead?

A qualified lead is more than just contact details. It includes further information on the person or the company they represent, information that qualifies them for a certain product. Typical qualifying questions:

  • Budget: do they have enough money to buy the product?
  • Authority: can they make a purchase decision?
  • Need: do they have a need that the product or service in question can fulfill?
  • Timescale: do they have a specific time when they wish to make their purchase?

Terms and conditions of the TDM Solutions reward programme.

  • Referral rewards are only given out for referrals once a sale closes (payment received).
  • Person cannot refer themselves or own company.
  • Referral leads limited to TDM Solutions territory (Africa excluding Egypt).
  • Referring company can only refer a company once.
  • Only the first person per referral can receive a reward within a company.
  • One year after a referral has been made, the referral program will not honor rewards.
  • Referral program only honors any sales that are over R 50,000 net sales.
  • TDM Solutions reserves the right to refuse referral rewards.





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