TDM Solutions are the approved main agents for C G Tech Vericut in Africa, with offices in Johannesburg.


C G Tech Vericut is the industry standard CAM independent CNC verification, simulation and optimisation solution.

Why VERICUT is Better than Internal CAM Verification?

Tool path verification and optimisation are two of the best ways you can dramatically improve your manufacturing operation and save money… with relatively little work.You may be tempted to use the embedded verification that came with your CAM system. But be careful — not all verification software is created equal. A single mistake can scrap a part, break a cutter, crash a machine, or even cause an injury! Can you really trust your machining to a “visual check” from an internal program?

C G Tech Vericut seamless integrates with most CAM systems including Catia, NX, Pro/E, Creo, Edgecam, Mastercam, Delcam, GibbsCam, SolidCam, Esprit, NCG CAM, CAMWorks, SurfCam, Cam-Tool and CimatronE.

Work smarter with VERICUT… Verify. Simulate. Optimise.

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